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land for sale pictureOften people will ask how they go about looking for land. There are many ways of finding a plot of land. A good tip for when you are looking for land in a mainly rural area, is to look for old abandoned barns or farm structures, and go and have a word with the owners. You are much more likely to get planning permission where a structure actually exists. Always check though before you buy a plot of land whether planning permission can be obtained. A plot of land can have one of two types of planning permission – outline planning permission (OPP) or detailed planning permission (DPP). OPP means that there is consent for development to happen. DPP is when all the details of the proposed development have been submitted. Once an OPP has been given, you must apply for a DPP within 3 years. Some good sites to see what land is available are and It is free to sign up to their websites. You can also register your interest with estate agents or look at auction sites. Plots for single houses are regularly sold at auction (the land is often for rebuild or demolition). Good on-line auction places are or  Also, local authorities publish a register of planning applications on their websites. Sometimes applicants are just looking to sell their land on with the planning permission in place, so it is worth having a look and getting in touch with the land owners.