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When I first set up Self Build Assistance I had to set up a business account with a well known bank. One of the first things the manager dealing with my accoun t mentioned, was the fact he had wished that we were around when he got a loft conversion done on his house a few years back.

loft conversionThe loft conversion was done within the timeframe that was agreed, and the finished article was just as good as he expected.  The final meting between the two parties was agreed to settle the final account, and the manager put aside another £500 as a tip for the contractor for doing such a good job.  The shock was that when they met, the contractor mentioned that there were some unforseen complicatons within the build, and that the extra over cost of these items would be another £2,500.  The manager was left in a dilema that the job achieved the standard agreed, but he was stuck with a bill he did not expect.  The bill was settled but it left a bad taste in his mouth.

The situation is impossible to come up if you follow the Self Build Assistance guidlines when you set up your contract.  This type of issue is easily controlled as long as all works are flagged and priced early.  There are sometimes genuine items that occur during a construction project that create extra works, these works should be flagged by the contractor to give you, the client, the chance to get the works priced, or even to give you the chance to do the works yourself.  Either way there should be NO NASTY SURPRISES AT THE END OF THE JOB.  It is vital that you are in control of the process from start to finish.  This includes all the work, as well as the financial aspects of the job, they run hand-in-hand.  If your budget for a job is £25,000 then stick to it.  Self Build Assistance will help you control all aspects of your job and will be there for advice all the way through your project.