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SBA Project Management Packages

Good Project Management on a site will save a client time and money.  There is an initial financial outlay but the experience SBA brings to your job covers all aspects including Project Planning, Quality Control Measures, Legal Documentation to protect your investment, Staged Inspections, Budgetary Control Measures and Piece of Mind

These are many reasons why you should proceed with one of our Project Management Packages. With our standard package which costs just £8,000, I would expect one of my clients to save a minimum of  £20,000 on their project. We will also support you and your building project through careful planning from beginning to end, to make sure that your project is delivered achieving the highest quality standards. We are focussed in obtaining the best value for our clients, whilst maintaining quality and providing sound professional advice. For your absolute piece of mind when you are entering into a world which you are not familiar with, let the experts set your project up to succeed and save money. Choose SBA.

Package 1


Package includes 5 x Site Visits

Subcontractor liaison including setting up Contracts (We will set-up all control measures with your chosen subcontractors including program, cost monitoring, as well as an agreed inclusions list. Most subcontractors are excellent to get on with, some are not. Our control measures protect your interests)

Local Authority as well as Building Insurance and Staged Visits (This is a very underestimated process within construction. Without the Local Authorities and Insurance Companies e.g. NHBC/Premier Guarantee, you will be deemed to not comply with the latest building legislation and you will be unable to sell your property and worse still, you may have to open up parts of your build to prove that it does comply costing you more time and money. We arrange staged inspections to avoid this and keep in regular contact with the authorities, to ensure that they are satisfied with the build)  

Utility Companies main contact (Planning the Statutory authorities as well as liaising to ensure they are happy with all of the arrangements is an especially important part of what we set-up. Local Utility Authorities, for example The Water Board, to ensure they are happy with your drainage proposals.  You may want to connect your sewer and storm water drainage to their system, but they might not have the capacity. Another example is Electric and Gas companies, again to ensure they have the capacity to feed your project and also to get the timing right, so it gets completed before such things as road and footpath construction takes place)

Organising procurement including long lead-in items, Plant including setting up within the Subcontractors inclusions, Programme written up and reviewed on a regular basis

Setting up regular meetings with the above to ensure that all the control measures are in place and are working for the project.

Set your Project up to succeed.

Package 2


Package includes 10 x Site Visits

Same as package 1 but will run over a longer period to ensure all of the control measures are in place.

* Please note that the packages are as stated above working within the M25 area.

Additional travel fees will apply beyond, e.g. Birmingham additional £90 per visit. Glasgow £160. Please note that once the initial visits have been complete and all control measures have been put in place that some of the following ‘Site Visits’ can be done remotely on a virtual basis via Skype or similar, obviously without additional fees.

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SBA New Homes

SBA has many years of experience working in the building profession and consulting with the local authorities.   We employ a range of professionals at every stage of the design and build process to ensure that we provide outstanding homes for you the homeowner.

Our schemes are developed with their own individual identity, are architect designed and built to a high quality of finish.  Our mission is simple - to take pride in our work and provide a high quality product that will be enjoyed by purchasers for many years.

We have secured our next development and will be showing a feed to the job when it starts next year.  More details to follow.....

For more information on New Builds please email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us on 0207 889 2013