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Mr Tanti was a future landlord working under a tight budget, who wanted to maximise his potential investment. Below are two separate messages received both at the start, and also as a separate review.

"Thank you Dave. It was very helpful meeting you and discussing my ideas in-situ with you. Thank you also for the helpful notes that you sent me. I will work my way through all your suggestions. I have been working on some ideas for the Kitchen and I am a lot clearer now about what is needed in terms of electrics and plumbing. I will send you details soon. Building Control said that no application was needed for the demolition of the non-load baring walls, and that as long as I used registered electrician and plumber they would be informed anyway. So that saved me £480.00 with one phone call!"

"As a landlord I have to complete any restructuring work quickly, within budget and tick all the boxes as far as local authorities are concerned. I heard about SBA through word of mouth and can state that they have been worth their weight in gold. SBA were quick to respond to all enquires I had. I felt in control throughout all of the restructuring process, and the contractors I used were happy to sign up to a structured professional way of working, so I felt as if my assets were protected at all times. I will definitely be using SBA on future projects."

Mr M. Tanti, Stevenage