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kitchen makeoverMs P Cummings wanted a makeover on her kitchen but was having trouble finding new kitchen doors, so was thinking of buying a new kitchen.  SBA Ltd was able to give her advice and also find the kitchen doors that the customer desired, as well as a carpenter to fit the doors.  We managed to half the budget and save over 2K on the original budget.




" I am a Happy Customer. I cannot thank Dave\SBA enough for the help and advice, and holding my hand all the way through to make giving my kitchen makeover bearable and beautiful.  I had faux maple doors, many of them glazed which just showed a mess of jars and cans etc.  I looked all over the internet to try and find replacement doors.  I just couldn't find a supplier, it seemed my particular doors were odd sizes.  Dave put me in touch with the most fantastic, easy to deal with and order bespoke doors for all 18 cupboard doors plus 4 drawer unit.  The choice of colours and materials to choose from lacked nothing.  We chose a very modern mussel colour and we are so very pleased with the results.  The carpenters who came in to fit were courteous, polite and very tidy, and didn't leave until the job was done.  It only took a day and a half.  And as an added extra the carpenter boxed off some horrible pipes at the same time.  Carpenter even suggested 'would I like the pipes boxed in' and he didn't expect any extra money.  I have since used the carpenter to fix an expanded front door that just kept sticking.  The kitchen has been transformed and I had been procrastinating with this for over 2 years, getting no where with the difficulty of finding doors to fit and someone who could fit them.  Very highly recommended."  

Ms P. Cummings, East London


kitchen makover



       kitchen makover